We’ll investigate Bidens’ shady business dealings when GOP House takes over


In October 2020, just 20 days before the controversial presidential election, a sensational article appeared in The New York Post detailing shady business dealings and influence by Joe Biden’s relatives, most notably his son Hunter.

The legacy media, which had sensationalized countless conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump and his family for four years, faced a choice: report Biden’s allegations or circle the cars in defense of the Bidens in the run-up to the election. They chose the latter.

NPR told its audience, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that aren’t real stories.”

Big Tech joined in. Twitter blocked users from posting links to the few news stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop content; it even blocked The Post’s account for refusing to remove the article. Facebook manipulated algorithms to limit the distribution of laptop stories. One of the country’s largest newspapers was effectively locked out of the digital public square.

Hunter Biden
The Post ran an article in October 2020 about suspicious business activity by Biden’s family, specifically his son Hunter.
Hunter Biden’s laptop

Soon, 51 former intelligence officers circulated an open letter that cast doubt on the authenticity of the information. They claimed without proof that The Post’s article had all the classic hallmarks of a Russian disinformation operation. These signatories abused the imprimatur of their past titles to discredit evidence that raised serious questions about access granted to Joe Biden during his last term in office.

The Biden campaign then used Big Tech’s censorship and the intelligence officers’ letter to dismiss the allegations and brand others as peddlers of disinformation. In short, these entities colluded to hide details about The Post’s article just as Americans were making a decision about the presidential election.

Nearly two years later, most news outlets have quietly admitted the article’s authenticity.

Investigations by Congressional Republicans to date have found that Biden family members used their connections to Joe to enrich themselves through expectations of access and promises of what a Biden administration could do.

We have continued these discussions despite Democrats’ refusal to cooperate. We have made nearly 100 requests for information related to Biden’s family arrangements. Many, including every request to the Biden administration, have been ignored. But with the help of witnesses who have documentation of their dealings with the Biden family, some answers are becoming apparent.

First, Joe Biden’s relatives benefited in foreign regions where he had influence as vice president. Hunter Biden was on the board of a Ukrainian company in an industry in which he had no experience. His only qualification was that his father had a point on US Ukraine policy.

Joe Biden
When Joe Biden was vice president, he hosted Hunter’s business associates in the vice presidential residence and the White House.
Getty Images
Kyiv, Ukraine
Hunter Biden may have used his father’s influence to serve on the board of a Ukrainian company with no experience in that industry.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Second, Bidens have used their connections to Joe to promise access to the highest levels of government. While Joe was vice president, Hunter promised Mexican business associates access to his father, and Joe Biden did that by hosting them at the vice presidential residence and the White House.

Hunter Biden
“If I say it’s important to me, then [Joe] will be working on a way to make it a part of its platform,” Hunter said.
AFP via Getty Images

Third, these practices continued during the four-year hiatus from Joe Biden’s administration. In 2018, leading up to the 2020 campaign, Hunter Biden privately boasted: “When I say it’s important to me, then [Joe] will be working on a way to make it a part of its platform.” Biden family members increasingly focused on foreign ventures, including multiple deals with the Chinese Communist Party.

Fourth, Bidens were paid hundreds of thousands—if not millions—despite having done no discernible work. Joe’s brother James boasted to foreign and domestic business associates that Joe would become president and that they would reap the benefits of profits and support from the US government. US banks spotted dubious transactions involving James and Hunter Biden and filed more than 150 suspicious activity reports with the Treasury Department.

Finally, contrary to Joe Biden’s statement that he never spoke to Hunter about his foreign business dealings, associates state that he was fully aware of his family’s business dealings and peddling influence. There is evidence of a direct sum of money set aside for “the Big Guy” – who witnesses identified as Joe Biden – from foreign nationals. This raises important questions about our national security and the role foreigners were allowed to play while he was vice president.

We have found some answers, but many questions remain. In November, the American people will decide whether to accept what information they are allowed to know from the colluding media, including who is making policy decisions for this country and for whose interests. A Republican majority will work to expose the facts that have suppressed the Democrats, Big Tech and the old media.

Kevin McCarthy is the leader of the House Republicans, Jim Jordan is the House Judiciary ranking and James Comer is the House Oversight ranking.