West End Ticket Prices In London See Price Increase Of 21% In Three Years – Deadline

A ticket to see a play or musical in London’s West End costs 21% more than before the pandemic, according to new research from theater publication The stage

The average ticket price has risen from £116 ($142) to £140 ($172) since 2019, it says, with the top average ticket price to a play rising 38% to £114 ($140).

Cabaret – the award-winning reprise of Bob Fosse’s extravaganza starring Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley – is currently the most expensive for a musical, with the highest prices set at over £300 ($368) – although the venue also makes the Playhouse Theater for For each performance, single tickets of €25 are available.

Lower-priced tickets are up just 3.3% over the same period, with prices around £22 ($27).

Factors for the higher prices include inflation – around 12% in the UK – as well as theatres, including the Playhouse, having to remove seats to accommodate pandemic restrictions.

A spokeswoman for the Society of London Theater told the BBC that the highest ticket prices change from year to year, and that they were often influenced “by a very small number of high-profile shows”.