What are you playing this weekend?

TGIF folks.

It’s finally Friday and that means it’s time to get our schedules in order: what are you playing this weekend?

I’m currently working on it Card Shark on the Switch and have a great old time. If you haven’t played it before, Map Shark is a game set in Renaissance France. Your character, a dumb bartender, gets swept up in the world of the professional cheat. What begins as an afterthought to help a longtime con man scam the rich becomes an investigation into the intersection between sociology and sociopathy. What do we really gain when we cheat with cards? A match of the year contender for me, hands down. Brilliant stuff, can’t recommend it enough.

Ruby, meanwhile, can hear the siren song of . no longer resist Genshin impact. If you have experience with Genshin and if you have any tips for a relatively new player, drop them in the comments! I know Ruby likes to think along with you. She tells me she got a code for… Think, a game you may have seen in TWIG on Tuesday. It is actually Animal Crossing if it were in the outback. If you were planning on catching a Ruby in the wild, a game like Think is the bait you would use.

And with that to you! What are you playing this weekend? Is there anything you picked up this week that you’re excited about? Something from the pile of shame perhaps? Go completely offline? Tell us all about your plans in the comments below.

As always, thank you for staying with us for another week. Whatever you do this weekend, stay safe, be healthy, and we’ll see you here Monday. Cheers.