What is the mood in New York City right now?

It seems an act of optimism to not just start a new business, but open it now, as the city recovers. On Tuesday afternoon in Manhattan’s Chinatown, Spencer Okada and Khanh Tran stood in front of the huge window of their new Doyers Street shop, ArtBean Coffee Roasters, as the breeze blew in.

The couple, who opened the store in May, got married a week before business shut down in 2020. “We basically spent our honeymoon in a small apartment in New York,” said Ms. Tran, who came to the city from Vietnam. They made that time productive: “This company was born during the lockdown – because we wanted to create something.” They roast their own coffee, work with artists and hang paintings in the shop.

mr. Okada, who grew up in Reno, Nev., shrugged about timing: “You can never time anything. Now is exactly our time to do it, and we just have to do our best.”