Where do the Warden and Ancient City spawn in Minecraft 1.19?


The release of the Minecraft 1.19 update means players can finally access some of the highly anticipated features since the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update in November 2021.

The Warden was originally set to release in June 2021 with Minecraft 1.17. However, it was delayed due to various technical issues and time constraints.

Another feature that the Minecraft 1.19 update has brought into the game is the old city structure. This structure is a fortress-like building with different sections such as an altar, a tower and secret entrances. It also has a collection of blocks and items such as soul sand, soul fire, and soul lanterns, along with skeleton heads and candles to illuminate the structure.

Locating the Director and Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19

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Ancient cities can only be generated in the Deep Dark biome and can always be found at Y level -52. They are quite large and are made up of blocks such as deep slate, the newly added reinforced deep slate, basalt and its variants, as well as gray wool blocks.

Reinforced deep slate is mainly used in the construction of “frames” along the walls of the structure. Players can find unique loot chests in this structure, containing items that can only be found in this specific location (echo shards, music discs, etc.)

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Because of their spawning environment, most of the area in and around an ancient city is dotted with sculk blocks, sculk sensors, sculk catalytic converters, and sculk screamers.

Sculk sensors work like mini alarm clocks that pick up all the vibrations around them. From the sound of a player walking to the placement of a block, these incredible new blocks can absorb almost any kind of vibration.

If enough sculk sensors are activated at once, or if a significant amount of noise is made by players or mobs, sculk screamers in the area will begin to pick up the sound. They will then respond with a horrifying scream.

Dangerous inhabitant of the Deep Dark or just a misunderstood threat? You’ll have to wait for The Wild Update to make up your mind! In the meantime, RT if you’re excited – or terrified – to meet the director!

Triggering this scream continuously can cause one Warden (or multiple Wardens) to spawn.

Wardens, as Minecraft players know, can only be found in the Deep Dark biome, meaning players should take extra care when exploring this mysterious and eerie structure.

The Warden is the strongest mafia in the game, with a health bar of 500 HP, which is significantly larger than that of a Wither or even an ender dragon. In fact, the mafia is so powerful that it can kill a player with full Netherite armor in two hits.

The Warden has an abundance of attacks and abilities. While the most powerful is clearly his melee attack, he also has a secondary ranged attack that can damage a player through multiple layers of blocks.

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A director’s skills include an increased sense of smell, which allows him to hunt his prey (players and other mobs).

An ability the Warden adds to the game serves as an all-new status effect known as Darkness.

When a Warden gets closer to a player, the Darkness status effect takes over. When this happens, everything around the player goes dark and starts to pulse.

Even daylight doesn’t stop the Darkness effect from creating a complete blackout. It is for these reasons that the director in Minecraft should be avoided rather than fought.

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