Who are the 2 mysterious characters?


Warning: This article contains spoilers for not mapped!

The first release from Playstation Productions, not mapped, has two post-credits scenes, both of which contain plot points and characters to explore in future sequels. Like most other comic book and video game adaptations these days, Sony’s not mapped features two clips after the film’s conclusion. The first scene after the credits comes right after the title sequence and the second follows the animated credits. The Gage not mapped post-credit scene drops key hints about what awaits us in a sequel.

not mapped is the first live-action adaptation of the beloved video game series of the same name. The film is not canon for the games and follows an original story that revolves around a sunken treasure that draws a lot of inspiration from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake, the film’s protagonist, with Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan, or Sully, Drake’s partner and fellow treasure hunter. Holland and Wahlberg are joined by Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer, Antonio Banderas as Santiago Moncada and Tati Gabrielle as Jo Braddock.


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Instead of tying loose plot threads together, the Gage not mapped post-credits sequences introduce the character and tease new adventures that could play a pivotal role in the yet-to-be-confirmed Uncharted 2. The first scene after the credits, which immediately follows the final main scene of the film, is set in a prison cell occupied by a mysterious figure. The second stinger allows for a possible sequel by signaling which adventure Drake will begin next, and by surprisingly introducing a new antagonist not present in the games.

How Sam lives after the end of Uncharted and where he is

Sam postcard unknown post credits scene Nathan Drake

The first of the Gage not mapped Post-credits scenes reveal that Nate’s brother, Sam Drake (Rudy Pankow), is still alive after Sully told Nate that he was killed by Braddock before the events of the film. Sam is seen sitting in a prison cell, writing a postcard to Nate advising him to keep an eye on him. Sam’s postcards play a big part in helping Nate discover Moncada’s lost treasure in the main film, but it seems someone is blocking Sam’s more recent postcards from reaching the intended recipient.

It’s still unclear how Sam survived the altercation with Braddock, but his entire arc seems to be taking off right away Uncharted 4. In the fourth game, Nate, Sam and a character named Rafe Adler intentionally lock themselves in the Panamanian prison in order to find a cross that could lead them to buried treasure. After being given the cross, the group tries to break out of the prison, where Nathan’s brother Sam is shot and presumed dead, and the other two are forced to leave him behind. Uncharted 4 reveals that Sam never died and that he was treated for his injuries and taken back into custody. If the film follows the source material, it means that Sam is currently incarcerated in Panama, having survived a gunshot wound like he did in the games.

There’s another clue in the Gage not mapped post-credits scene confirming the Panamanian setting. Before the camera pans to focus on Sam, he pauses with the resident of Sam’s adjacent cell. The mysterious character was very similar to Hector Alcázar. Alcázar was a Panamanian drug lord known for his ruthlessness. In the fourth game, Sam tells Nate that Alcázar helped him escape from prison, when in reality the two never met. The second one led by Tom Holland not mapped The film could loosely adapt this storyline by having Sam form an alliance with Alcázar to escape prison.

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Who is Uncharted’s new villain, Pilou Asbaek’s Gage?

The second scene after the credits follows Holland’s Nate as he tries to make a deal with a mysterious new character played by Game of Thrones actor Pilou Asbaek. The deal involved Nate giving up his famous ring in exchange for a World War II Nazi card until Aesbek’s character cheats on Nate and tries to keep both. Asbaek’s character is revealed as Gage. While Gage is an entirely original character, he mentions that he works for a man named Roman, which is a nod to the very first Uncharted game.

The first entry in the game series, Uncharted: Drake’s FortuneNate and Sully followed as they tried to find Sir Francis Drake’s coffin, which would lead them to the famous lost city of El Dorado. As with most not mapped games, Drake’s goal was to find the lost city for other parties, and in the case of Drake’s fortune, the second interested person was Gabriel Roman. Roman was a British crime boss with an interest in valuable antiques and lost treasures. He serves as one of the main antagonists in Drake’s fortune and could appear in the film’s sequel.

What games Uncharted’s After Credits are set

Uncharted post-credits scene set up Drake's fortune

The Nazi map, coupled with the mention of Roman, strongly suggests that: Uncharted 2 will be loosely based on the first game, Drake’s fortune. In Drake’s fortuneNathan initially searches for Sir Francis Drake’s coffin, which he finds empty except for Drake’s diary. The diary leads Nate to believe that Sir Francis Drake has found the lost city of El Dorado, which motivates him to follow in his footsteps. A global adventure follows, in which Nate discovers that the Germans searched for El Dorado during World War II, and also that he is not the only person interested in finding El Dorado.

Nate and Sully cross paths with Roman, who is revealed to be one of Sully’s creditors for being in debt, and learn that he is also looking for El Dorado after a tip from Sully. After Mark Wahlberg’s Sully is presumed dead for being shot by Roman, Nate flees and tries to find El Dorado on his own. He eventually does, only to discover that El Dorado isn’t a lost city of gold, but rather a golden statue that carries an evil curse that turns anyone who tries to open it into a mindless beast. A great battle ensues in which Roman dies and Sully and Nate, along with Elena, flee the island with boxes full of gold. All the hints in the second scene after the credits indicate that: Drake’s fortune will be the inspiration for the next Uncharted movie, and it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Elena’s character, who eventually becomes Nate’s love interest and wife in the games.

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Why Sully’s Mustache Is So Important In Uncharted 2

Sully Mustache Post Credits Scene Uncharted

The final reveal of the second scene after the credits is that Wahlberg’s Sully is finally growing his beloved mustache from the games. Sully’s mustache, along with cigar smoking, his swearing and quick wit, is one of his signature features. While fans of the games may have been disappointed by the fact that some of Sully’s key features were left on the cutting floor, the second scene after the end credits goes a long way to set that right. Sully enters after Gage cheats on Nate, and Nate immediately comments on his mustache before tossing him a cigar. This indicates that Uncharted 2 will feature a Sully more faithful to the source material, which will no doubt please fans.

not mapped‘s two post-credits scenes do a great job of continuing the story and setting up a possible sequel. As a franchise starter, a lot depended on the success of the first film. While critics were pretty harsh on the film, that may not affect its box office success due to both the games’ popularity and the film’s appeal. not mapped movie cast involved. The two post-credits sequences indicate that the next film will follow the source material more closely, which is a great sign given the great reception each of the not mapped receive games.

The Uncharted Post-Credits are setting up a sequel, but is Uncharted 2 coming?

Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video games and Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted

After Tom Holland brought Nathan Drake to life on the big screen, the big-budget film’s bombastic nature left people wondering if a sequel was in the works. While nothing has been officially announced by Sony, it’s safe to assume Uncharted 2 will almost certainly be made. not mapped Director Ruben Fleischer has already stated that he has tons of ideas for a sequel. Coupled with that, Sony has publicly stated that the film is the start of a franchise, meaning there’s a lot more to come. The budget for the first film was $120 million, and the film failed to make it during its opening weekend. However, not mapped eventually made its money back as the film grossed $401.7 million worldwide.

In addition, not mappedThe Rotten Tomatoes scores couldn’t be more different. Although the film is rated as crap by critics (40%), the audience rating is at 90%, showing that although critics gave mixed reviews, audiences loved the film. Despite not being well-received on all fronts, the audience’s score may be reason enough to warrant a sequel – after all, they’re the ones spending the money. Plus, Tom Holland has become a very popular name in the average household, meaning Sony could count on the star to continue the franchise. The Netherlands is taking a break now, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t come back for Uncharted 2.

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Since nothing has been confirmed for Uncharted 2, there is no release date or plot details available yet. The only storyline details that can be determined come from the not mapped post-credit scene, which introduces Gage. The sequel will likely follow the events of the first game, given the character clues left behind. People will have to wait and see what comes up when the news of Uncharted 2 finally descends.

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