Why Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Company Was Fined $40K by the EPA

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines have renovated tons of houses in their lifetime. It’s natural to wonder if they’ve ever violated any government regulations regarding home ownership. Well, the fixer-upper stars were even fined $40,000 by the EPA once. Let’s see what happened and what the couple did to remedy the situation.

Studying Images of Chip Gaines

If Chip and Joanna Gaines were only innovators, the EPA would never have heard about their unsafe practices. Because they renovate houses on television, the Nixon-era agency had hundreds of hours of footage to study Chip at work. In 2018, it discovered numerous cases of the same problem.

The EPA found that the Gaines family failed to minimize exposure to lead paint in 33 homes. They also failed to cover floors and vents to catch paint chips during removal. If you’re in the habit of binging fixer-upperduring the early seasons keep an eye out to try and spot the violations.

To come in action

Once the couple was notified of the violations, Chip and Joanna Gaines paid the $40,000 fine and announced they were “taking immediate steps” and “going one step further in their commitment to compliance.” It sounds like the couple went above the minimum after learning about their mistakes and risks.

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above and beyond

The couple pledged to spend another $160,000 on lead paint treatment in their Waco, Texas neighborhood. In an episode of fixer-upper after the fine, Chip Gaines took a moment to discuss testing for lead paint under EPA rules and guidelines. Subsequently, a video was also posted on the Magnolia website.

That’s not all. Chip also tweeted a link to the EPA, highlighting the need for lead paint.

In a subsequent statement to Peoplea Magnolia Homes spokesperson said: “In addition, to take its commitment a step further, Magnolia Homes has made the decision to implement a compliance management program in which it has adopted an improved renovation record keeping checklist for use by Magnolia Homes staff and subcontractors.”

The Gaines family could easily have brushed this issue under the rug. $40,000 is a drop in the ocean for the two, but they upped the ante to $200,000 in total and did a lot of publicity to spread awareness of the serious problem. Lead paint is a serious problem, especially during pregnancy and for animals.

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