Why De Goey could actually be on ‘rage leave’ and with whom he is not satisfied at the club?

SEN Chief Sports Reporter Sam Edmund believes Jordan De Goey remains angry with senior officials at Collingwood after a week of turbulence at the club.

Following De Goey’s now infamous trip to Bali during the mid-season retirement from the club, he was fined $25,000 for inappropriate behavior after being filmed on a night out.

Although it was generally assumed that De Goeys was taking personal leave for mental health reasons, SENs Gerard Whateley says there could be a ‘counterpoint’ story to his continued absence from the club.

“The extrapolation is that he has taken a leave of absence for mental health reasons due to the environment that has surrounded this all week,” he said. SEN’s Crunch Time

“What if I counter argument that he’s so mad at Collingwood that he doesn’t feel like walking through the doors now. Would that have any added value?

Edmund says the “huge turnaround” in De Goey’s public story could point to something deeper, saying the star Pie was unhappy with the way the club’s board handled the situation.

“We call it personal leave, but it could easily have been described as anger leave,” he said.

“It is not surprising when you issue a statement saying that the relentless pursuit and persecution of the media must stop because someone is going to hurt themselves, then you do a full 180 and issue a statement taking full responsibility for your actions .

“This is a huge sight that the player has had to swallow in a short time, hence the delay that came to light.

“You can absolutely tell the story that Jordan De Goey is unhappy at Collingwood – if we say unhappy at Collingwood, maybe not unhappy with the football department, despite not having (coach) Craig McRae recalled.

“I would have thought that the core of his anger is with the suits at the club – those who make the decisions at the board level.”