Why Ryan Reynolds Also Played Juggernaut

The Deadpool 2 Juggernaut gig and Wade Wilson were both played by Ryan Reynolds – here’s why. In particular, the Deadpool solo movies allowed Reynolds to make up for the disappointment after the portrayal of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine† 2016’s Deadpool was a huge hit and launched a new one X-Men franchise for 20th Century Fox. The R-rated action-comedy superhero movie soon got a sequel, and Deadpool 2 made sure to go bigger than the first.

Deadpool 2 introduced Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz), and it killed the first X-Force team shortly after they gathered. The sequel also gave X-Men villain Juggernaut a chance at big screen redemption. Juggernaut is one of several inmates who were in the Ice Box at the same time that Wade Wilson and Russell Collins aka Firefist. The latter formed an alliance with Juggernaut and helped him escape in exchange for the giant’s help to take revenge on those who hurt Russell in the past. This leads to Juggernaut playing a part in the third act, including a climactic battle with Colossus.


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While Vinnie Jones played Juggernaut in his last live-action performance, Deadpool 2‘s version of Juggernaut was a massive CGI creation. This gave the film the opportunity to create a more comically accurate depiction of the villain’s intimidating appearance and the unbreakable helmet that covers most of his head. It didn’t take a physical actor to bring Juggernaut to life, but he does have a few lines that required someone to provide the voice. Instead of getting a new actor on board Deadpool 2, the voice that fans heard was actually Ryan Reynolds’s and that decision was made for multiple reasons. This is why this happened, how the Deadpool 2 Juggernaut character was put together, as well as how the character might return in Deadpool’s MCU debut.

Why Ryan Reynolds Voiced The Deadpool 2 Juggernaut’s Voice

Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds Juggernaut

Reynolds has revealed in the past that he pronounced Juggernaut to provide a temporary audio track for the character. This allowed Deadpool 2 to mostly hide Juggernaut’s appearance in the film, and the plan was for another actor to play the villain in the final cut. Ryan Reynolds claims this was not possible due to budget constraints on Deadpool 2 – but they had a fairly large budget of $110 million, so Reynolds may have been partially joking about the financial reasons for his second role. Reynolds’ temporary track for Juggernaut’s voice and facial movements was used to animate a face modeled after director David Leitch.

While the circumstances of why Ryan Reynolds played both Deadpool and Juggernaut in Deadpool 2 perhaps somewhat unique, it’s not entirely uncommon. Other recent examples include Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange and pronouncing Dormammu in Doctor Strange, or Eddie Murphy’s multiple roles in his comedies. However, should Juggernaut return in future installments of the franchise, it will be interesting to see if Reynolds continues to voice him.

Is The Deadpool 2 Juggernaut coming back?

Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut X-Men: The Last Stand;  Ryan Reynolds as Juggernaut, Deadpool 2

In Deadpool 2 Juggernaut falls against the combined efforts of Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio – but despite the beating he took, Juggernaut could still be alive to return for another X-Men or Deadpool movie. While it’s unclear what happens to Juggernaut after the events of Deadpool 2, the most likely scenario is that he is back in the Ice Box, the mutated prison where he met Russell and first worked together. This opens up a lot of opportunities for future movies to stage the return of Juggernaut, which could also happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Everything we know about Deadpool 3 and the future of Juggernaut

deadpool 3 mcu

Deadpool 3 is officially underway, and the project reunites Ryan Reynolds with free man and The Adam Project director Shawn Levy, who has confirmed production will begin sometime in 2023 Doctor Strange 2 Professor X cameo confirming the existence of mutants in the MCU, Marvel president Kevin Feige has also confirmed that Deadpool 3 will somehow be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Should Juggernaut return for? Deadpool 3 and becomes a regular MCU character, it’s unlikely that Reynolds will be able to pull off the same trick with the Deadpool 2 Juggernaut, as the unstoppable power may need to be played by one actor during MCU Phase 4.

Deadpool 3 doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the soonest audience can expect the theatrical release around the spring or summer of 2024. The plot details of the upcoming film are still vague, and there’s no certainty that Juggernaut or any other side characters will Deadpool 2 will return. However, after the raids caused by the Doctor Strange 2 cast, there’s no telling what the multiverse has in store for Deadpool’s (and possibly Juggernaut’s) MCU debut.

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