Why Samsung’s new S22 Ultra is the ultimate travel accessory


As the world opens up, so do the possibilities for incredible vacations. Gourmet escapes in Southeast Asia, beach vacations in the glittering South Pacific, yacht charters on the mighty Mediterranean… travelers are now limited only by their imaginations.

With the help of Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Ultra – combining the best aspects of the Note and S series, with a powerful suite of tools to help you capture, edit and share great content on the go – you can take it for the ride in vibrant high definition.

A feat of engineering with four rear cameras (one 108MP wide-angle, 12MP ultra-wide, and two 10MP telephotos), a 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED 2X display ideal for outdoor use, and a highly responsive built-in S Pen, it’s like having an editing suite in your pocket.

In addition to its impressive specs, the Galaxy S22 Ultra also comes with a slew of features designed to take your travels to the next level. In fact, it’s fair to call it the ultimate travel accessory.

Capture fleeting moments

Some travel moments are so special that you can’t help but reach for your phone to capture it, such as the vibrancy of a Middle Eastern souk or flames igniting your senses in an Indonesian satay stand.

Whatever the situation, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can capture it in stunning detail and at the click of a button thanks to Samsung’s ‘Quick launch camera’ feature.

You’ll also have a plethora of photography modes at your fingertips, from Food Mode that automatically adjusts color in-frame and blurs the background, to Nightography, which uses advanced pixel sensors to bring low-light moments to life in crisp detail.

Combine this with ‘Supersteady’ image stabilization, so you can shoot video with less blur and motion shake, even when you and the subject are in motion – such as two ferries passing by on Sydney Harbor – and you can use large tripods or other gear.

There’s also a Pro mode for advanced users who want to manually fine-tune their photography and adjust elements from ISO and shutter speed to exposure, white balance and more.

Make instant edits with the built-in S Pen

For the first time on an S-series phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a built-in S Pen. It’s a feature Galaxy Note users have enjoyed for years, but it’s gotten a significant boost, with improved responsiveness that makes it almost feel like you’re writing with pen and paper.

But what can it do? In addition to converting handwriting into text, you can draw and add design embellishments to photos or videos, set Air Command shortcuts for commonly used apps, and even use Air Actions that let you complete tasks with a Harry Potter-esque wave and swipe.

For travelers on the go, the S Pen unlocks a new level of note-taking – or journaling, if you like – and a handy ‘Screen Off Memo’ feature means you don’t even have to turn the screen. Just start writing on the black screen and it will be saved and saved automatically!

Stay on top of your business knowing data is safe

No matter what you try, it can be difficult to completely stop working while on vacation, especially with access to emails and logins on your phone. As a result, data security can become a concern. But thanks to Samsung’s powerful built-in Knox Vault security, you don’t have to worry.

No matter where in the world you are – on the beach in LA or connected to your spiritual side in Nepal – data stays safe and secure, warding off malware or intrusion with extra layers of protection from chip to cloud. A pocket-sized Fort Knox.

Continue your adventures with great battery life

There are few things more terrifying to travelers than a low battery warning, especially when exploring new and unfamiliar territory, far from the charger left in your room. That’s no problem with the Galaxy S22, which lasts from your morning workout to after-dinner drinks.

If you do eventually need to charge, charging at 45W (an upgrade from the 25W charger in the previous model) means you can get a 50% charge in about 20 minutes.

Every feature of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, from its powerful functionality to its security, comes together to create the ultimate travel accessory, one that not only keeps pace, but encourages you to go even further.

To see how the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can soar your travel, visit, the Samsung Online Store or participating stores.