Why Taylor Walker would “definitely” work in Melbourne

Would Taylor Walker be a good fit for Melbourne?

Garry Lyon and Nathan Buckley have pondered the question of the veteran Adelaide forward after the reigning prime ministers were loosely linked.

The conversation was in response to Damian Barrett’s article Sliding Doors about: AFL.com.au last week, which read:

In his 14th season (28 goals from 10 games), Walker averages his second best average per game (63 out of 19 in 2012)…

he obviously has some football left in his system after 2022. Would be interesting to see him next year with, say, the Bulldogs or even the Demons.

There’s been a lot of talk about what the future might hold for Walker as he hasn’t yet signed with the Crows again.

But would moving to the Demons work?

Lyon early SEN Breakfast: “Would Taylor Walker work in Melbourne?”

Buckley replied, “Absolutely, he would.

“This is a decision by Taylor Walker. The football he played this year has been exceptional.

“This man is a six-foot-tall midfielder, the way he plays.

“His field kicking is as good as any other. I know David King was a big fan of Jeremy Cameron and the way he uses the ball on foot, but he is only a left footer.

“Taylor Walker can go right and left and his finishing in front of goal (is good). He positions himself very well, contested marking (is good).”

Buckley believes Walker’s qualities would make him attractive to some clubs, but acknowledges that not all sides vying for premiership need such a player.

“If he wanted to, I think he would have three or four candidates for the premiership who would be happy (to have him),” Buckley added.

“I think Geelong is stacked in the front line, they wouldn’t look.

“Potentially Carlton with (Harry) McKay and (Charlie) Curnow, but I think you’re right, I think Melbourne would definitely suit.

“I think Collingwood has potential, but it can’t be a money game for him. It should be ‘I’m going there to potentially be the last piece of a puzzle that could bring success’.”

Lyon insists Walker may not even want to leave the Crows, but sees the situation as a potential “win-win” provided he wanted to take a step with the intention of winning a flag late in his career.

“I’m not saying he will do it or should do it or would do it, maybe he wants to finish a player from one club in Adelaide,” he said.

“But they are the win-wins. Adelaide go, ‘Okay, we’re not in the premiership window, we need to speed up (Riley) Thilthorpe and (Darcy) Fogarty, but there’s a chance for you to have a crack somewhere else’.

Buckley admits it would be a risky move for a club in the premiership, but one that could be worth it as Walker could be a match winner in his day.

“The reality is that those conversations are the conversations that take place between player and management outside the club situation. Clubs need to be alert to the fact that those conversations are being had, and more and more, as the eras change,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s a win-win and that’s exactly what this can be. I think his next two years will still be very good.

“You’re taking a risk because he’s not in his prime and he won’t get any younger, but I think his next two seasons, there’s no reason why he couldn’t get five or six game-winning performances every year for the next two seasons. to deliver.” few years, and that could be the difference.”

Walker has scored 30 goals in 11 games so far this season and also leads the club for within 50 points (26) and goal assists (8, equal to James Rowe), while second in scoring engagement (93).

The 32-year-old will be without a contract after 2022.