‘Wifa’ denies French figures in chaos Champions League final

Work began “this week” to prepare the independent report on the events associated with the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool at the Stade de France in the suburbs of Paris, the results of which were to be released “in September”. will be delivered, according to the assessment of one of the leaders, the European Union for the Game (Wifa), who lied during his Senate hearing yesterday, the French figures on the number of fake tickets.

“Everyone should be questioned in the investigation, which started this week,” said Martin Kalin, general manager of UEFA Events, a subsidiary of UEFA responsible for the commercial operation of events hosted by the continental football association.

He told a French Senate committee charged with investigating what happened before and during the game that Real Madrid won 1-0 on May 28: “We expected the investigation to take at least two or three months. . . With the beginning now, we can say (the results will be published) around September.”

The final match was marred by scenes of chaos as Liverpool fans struggled to get into the stadium to attend the match, raising questions about the French capital’s ability to host the 2024 Olympics.

A French government report on the 10th of this month stated that a series of “failures” by the authorities caused chaos in the Champions League final, lamenting the police’s response to the events that “did serious damage to France’s image.” ” caused. Pressure on France mounted after the local football federation revealed before the Senate that the Stade de France CCTV footage had been destroyed after not being subject to a court order, in accordance with French law.

UEFA has entrusted the internal investigation to former Portuguese Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Thiago Brandao Rodrigues.

In the presence of the senators, Kalin returned to the role of “Wifa” in this final: the governing body of the European Champions League, in particular, manages the issue of ticket sales, which has been a source of controversy since the French authorities claimed that fake tickets led to chaos outside the stadium.

For Kalin, paper tickets, which are easy to forge, were less suitable for a similar event than approved electronic tickets, but he added that “paper tickets were not the only reason to create chaos in front of stadium entrances.”

He explained: “There are several reasons: the transport strike (that day), bad reactions from the hosts and law enforcement, there were delinquents (in the ocean, leading to looting and pickpockets), a large influx for the stadium if it is not ticket holders or those who are holders of fake tickets.

Along the way, Kalin refuted what had been issued by the French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanan, of a highly exaggerated number of counterfeit tickets held by Liverpool fans, estimated at “30 to 40,000”, saying: “I arrived at the turnstiles (at the stadium entrances) about 2,600 tickets Fake, but so many fake tickets never made it to the turnstiles.. How many? We don’t know, we couldn’t really verify.”

He continued: “We do not believe that it is the same as the number mentioned in the first days (after the final) in France, which was estimated between 30 and 40 thousand.”

Martin Callen:

“The stadium witnessed a large influx of non-ticket holders.”

“Many of the counterfeit tickets never made it to the turnstiles.”

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