Will there be a season 3?

In a Norwegian city threatened by pollution and melting glaciers, the apocalypse feels all too real. “It takes a legend to fight an ancient evil” – that’s the intriguing premise of Ragnarok, the critically acclaimed Norwegian fantasy drama series on Netflix that reinvents Norse mythology. It is set in the present day in a fictional town in Western Norway, ravaged by factories owned by a local family.

The series premiered in January 2020, with a second season set to air in May this year. It is Netflix’s third Norwegian-language series, next Home for Christmas (which is also hot for a third season) and lily hammer – which has already had three seasons. Ragnarok is produced by the Danish production company SAM Productions and quickly gained a following after the first episode. This probably surprised some – especially since some Norwegian media didn’t really praise the show. Fortunately, the fans listened and the Scandinavian original was soon renewed for a second season. Let’s take a closer look at the series’ potential than its most recent offering. What could a third season look like?


Extended or cancelled?

Netflix has not yet confirmed whether Ragnarok will return for a third season, but his loyal fans will no doubt be gasping for more material given the end of season 2’s cliffhanger. [Ragnarok fans] sending messages. They talk about how they love it and I think it’s so beautiful. It’s insane,” said series star Theresa Frostad Eggesbø in an interview with Popternative. “I think there are more reactions from other countries than from Norway. It’s huge in Brazil and Turkey.”

The fact that Ragnarok is only the third Norwegian title on Netflix, increasing the chances of the show being renewed as the streaming giant may want to further expand its library of international content. At the moment, however, that’s hard to say. Keep checking back here for additional updates!

Which cast members would return?

The show’s main cast that is sure to return for a third installment includes David Stakston as our hero Magne, aka the reincarnated thunder god Thor. There’s also Jonas Strand Gravli as Magne’s half-brother, aka the reincarnated mischief-god Loki. Herman Tømmeraas and Theresa Frostad Eggesbø would definitely return, as they portray members of the infamous Jutul “family” who own those foreboding factories that plague the community. There’s also Emma Bones who plays Magne’s love interest and, of course, Henriette Steenstrup as Magne’s mother. Finally, we would expect Gísli Örn Garðarsson to return as the “father” in the Jutul family.

What would the Season 3 storyline be like?

While Magne thinks he’s the only god throughout season 1, he soon discovers in this year’s episode that there are quite a few allies around. Ragnarok season two continued the protagonist Magne’s battle against Jutul Industries and the evil giants who run the company. Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite reincarnated god lost his powers early in the final season…

One of the biggest obstacles for Magne in Season 2 was his moral compass. In the third episode, Magne kills a giant and struggles to accept that he will have to kill again as Thor. In addition, Magne is ashamed of the act and is called a murderer. This leads Magne to pray and lose all his powers, returning to the normal human he was at the start of Ragnarok season 1.

It wasn’t until Magne forges Thor’s legendary hammer that he could finally get to grips with his abilities. In the Season 2 finale, Magne rains lightning and thunder on the car with two members of the evil Jutul family, but they survive to fight another day. Will there be a third season?

Anyway, the show seems to say that Magne and the fight against the giants is bigger than life and death and that he must be willing to kill his enemies to win the war. In reality, they’ll probably just be reincarnated at some point anyway – which would definitely keep the storyline. Magne eventually realizes how important he is to the battle and teams up with the other gods to keep his weapon of choice and regain his powers. Despite this, Magne still retains his strong sense of morality, and along with his family, this is the one thing that continues to bind him to his human self. Can he maintain his morale and finally get the job done to take down the Jutul family? We’ll have to wait for new content to find out.

When can season 3 be released?

The first two seasons of Ragnarok are only six episodes each. There’s a good chance this would also be true for a third season, giving us a better idea of ​​how long production will last by looking at the premiere dates of the previous seasons. It’s hard to say exactly when the first images for a season 3 would arrive, but assuming the show is renewed by Netflix, it seems likely that any kind of new Ragnarok content wouldn’t reach the masses until mid-2022.

Who is behind the camera?

Adam Price created the Norwegian TV series. Looking at the rest of the creative team behind the previous seasons, we know that Mogens Hagedorn and Jannik Johansen split the directing duties for the six episodes of the first season, while Hagedorn and Mads Kamp Thulstrup directed both episodes in Season 2. of them would return for a season 3. The writers’ room includes Price, Simen Alsvik, Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten, Christian Gamst Miller-Harris and Jacob Katz Hansen.