wordle: ‘Wordle’ answers today for July 8; Get the hints and the answer for Wordle#384

If you are new to the game, Wordle is a simple but not so easy game where you guess a 5 letter word of the day in 6 tries! And if you’re already a seasoned player, you know how to play the game. If you’re stuck in today’s game, here are some tips and also the answer to the game at the end of this article!

You can gather your thoughts and refresh your memory with these helpful pointers.

At the end of this article you will find the answer to the July 8 Wordle, puzzle #384. Check out these tips, gentle hints and strategies to solve it today and every day. If you’re not ready to read the answer yet, don’t scroll down.

Wordle’s sudden explosion in late 2021 sparked a round of press coverage. Josh Wardle, a former Reddit engineer, developed the game in 2021 as a private practice for his partner and him. In early 2022, the New York Times bought the game.

The game is now played daily by thousands of people around the world and fans have even created alternatives to Wordle based on the original format. These include Heardle, Actorle, Framed, and variations such as Dordle and Quordle, which require you to guess multiple words at once.

You can enable hard mode if you find Wordle too easy. You don’t have to worry about Wordle getting harder unless you activate this mode.

Today’s Wordle#384 is a 5 letter word that starts with the letter V!

Here are a few more hints:

The word is closely related to sound

There are three vowels in the word

No vowel is repeated

Now comes the big reveal!

Today’s answer to Wordl#384 is VOTE.

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