You can now try Resident Evil Village for free in your internet browser

In context: It’s no secret that Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service has had limited success with consumers. Rather than disabling Stadia altogether (as the company did with many of its other apps and services), it added a white-label version, allowing game developers to make their titles or demos more accessible.

Last week, Sony announced that it is officially bringing Resident Evil Village to VR on the upcoming Playstation VR2 platform. Now you can try a demo of the non-VR game in your internet browser. It’s completely free and you don’t even need to login. All you have to do is enter your age (the game is rated M), click the play button and wait for the demo to load.

It uses Immersive Stream for Games, a licensed version of Google’s Stadia game streaming service. It works on Windows, macOS and Android on the latest version of Chrome and iOS on Safari. Even other Chromium-based web browsers may be unofficially supported, as the demo ran flawlessly for me on Microsoft Edge.

You also need to have a decent internet connection, with Capcom recommending a download speed of at least 10 Mbps. Streaming the game costs about 12.6 GB of data per hour, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re on data limits.

You can play it with mouse and keyboard, different controllers or even touch screen button overlay on mobile. Thankfully, Capcom has removed the 1-hour time limit from previous demos, although you’re limited to the game’s village and castle regions. Saving your progress isn’t supported either, so you’ll have to start over if the connection is lost.

Picture quality leaves a lot to be desired, with the demo limited to 1080p SDR (the low bitrate makes it look worse than it sounds). However, it felt responsive enough, although that may be different for you if you don’t have a Stadia server nearby.