You can replace DLSS with AMD FSR 2.0 in Cyberpunk 2077 with this mod

Adoption of the editors: A modder has found a way to add FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 to Cyberpunk 2077 by piggybacking on DLSS. It’s great software, and if you don’t have an Nvidia RTX GPU that can take advantage of DLSS, replacing it with FSR 2.0 isn’t a bad idea.

According to the author, enabling FSR 2.0 through the mod doubled their 4K performance on a GTX 1080 to 45 fps. And, as you can see for yourself in the screenshot below, the quality is phenomenal when compared to the game’s FSR 1.0.

They briefly explain how it works on their page. In summary, both DLSS and FSR 2.0 use the same types of temporal data and the mod is a translator that converts the information intended for DLSS into FSR 2.0 commands. The files take the place of the DLSS libraries and the game treats them the same.

So no, the title above is not clickbait. FSR 2.0 completely replaces DLSS and you enable it by trying to enable DLSS in the in-game settings. It still only has one mode, unlike official FSR implementations which may have several, but you can select any DLSS quality setting you like to enable it.

Images via PotatoofDoom1337

The author notes that the mod has a few other missing features and bugs and issues like some minor ghosting while driving a vehicle. It’s still in development and just a “proof of concept” for now, according to the page.

Other than minor issues, the mod is fairly hassle-free. It works with any GPU that can play Cyberpunk, including the tiny AMD GPU in the Steam Deck. It also seems to work well with other mods like Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks and will “probably” work just fine with other visual quality mods like Reshade.

According to the author, it can even be adapted for other games. Any game using the current version of DLSS should display the information the mod needs, meaning it would only take “a little work” to get it across.

Ideally, CD Projekt Red will put some work into itself and implement it well. It wouldn’t be surprising if they included it with update 1.6, which could be released in the coming days or months.