Zachary Levi says he had a mental breakdown before going to treatment

Prior to the treatment program, confused actor was “running to lots of other things, be it sex, drugs, or booze” to numb himself “from the pain I ran from for most of my life,” he said in the podcast.

“The irony is that booze can give you this temporary relief, but the next day amplifies that anxiety tenfold,” he said. “So then you run back to get more and it just becomes this vicious circle.”

Reflecting on the cause of his struggles, he said it all started during his childhood.

“For most of my life, I grew up in a household where my stepfather was a perfectionist at the highest level, his bar was so high, impossible to reach, and then a mother who was a borderline personality,” he said. “So she didn’t have an impossibly high bar. She had an impossible target because it kept moving.”

As Zachary got older, he found himself struggling with his own perception of his career, adding, “I feel like I’m kind of looking at the outside of the group.”

Now he embraces prayer and meditation as he moves forward. His full podcast episode can be listened to from June 28.