Zelensky pledges ‘Ukraine will surely win’ as war continues in Donbas | World | News

The Ukrainian president handed out medals to troops and posed for selfies in what appeared to be an underground shelter, according to a video on his Telegram account. Mr Zelensky said the military “worked brilliantly” while praising their capabilities and expressing confidence in an eventual victory.

He said: “Our brave men. Each of them works hard.

“We will definitely keep it up! We will definitely win.”

In early March, Russian troops reached the outskirts of Mykolaiv but were then driven back to the eastern and southern parts of the region where fighting continued.

Zelensky’s office confirmed that he had visited the headquarters of the Mykolaiv regional government, where 37 people were killed by a Russian rocket attack in late March.

They said: “The president inspected the building of the Mykolaiv regional government, which was destroyed as a result of a rocket attack by Russian forces.”

During his overnight national television speech on Friday, Mr. Zelensky confirmed that the famous doctor nicknamed “Taira”, Yuliia Paievska, had been released from Russian captivity.

Paievska was imprisoned in the southern city of Mariupol after filming the Russian bombing of the city.

The images were smuggled out with the help of two Associated Press journalists, the last international journalists still in the city.

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“Taira is already home. We continue to work to free everyone.”

It comes as Ukraine has been making slow progress in its mission to liberate the city of Kherson from Russian control.

Kherson, which is less than 70 km from Mykolaiv, is strategically important due to its location on the Black Sea.

On Saturday morning, Ukrainian media reported that a car bomb had fallen in the city, which appears to have been carried out by Ukrainian partisans operating independently in the Russian-occupied territory.

There has been an increase in Ukrainian partisan activity in the area of ​​late.