Zoom unveils its latest platform evolution with the launch of Zoom One

Zoom has unveiled Zoom One, a new offering that brings together chat, phone, meetings and whiteboard capabilities in a single, purpose-built environment.

Zoom One users can access Zoom’s collaboration and communication tools and perform actions such as starting phone or video calls from an instant message or collaborating on a whiteboard from a Zoom desktop or Zoom room.

In a press release announcing the launch, company president Greg Tomb said that as Zoom evolved from a meeting app to a comprehensive communications platform, it was clear that introducing new packaging like Zoom One was the next step in the company’s evolution.

“By bringing chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard and more into one offering, we can provide our customers with solutions that are easy to manage, so they can focus on business issues that matter most,” he said.

Zoom One has six tiered plans available to customers, including Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise versions.

  • Zoom One Basic offers free 40-minute Zoom meetings for up to 100 participants, permanent Zoom Chat for team messaging, limited Zoom Whiteboard for synchronous and asynchronous work, and real-time transcription.
  • Zoom One Pro offers everything Zoom One Basic offers without meeting time limits, plus recording to the cloud.
  • Zoom One Business offers everything Zoom One Pro offers, plus Zoom meetings for up to 300 participants and unlimited Zoom Whiteboards.
  • Zoom One Business Plus offers everything Zoom One Business offers, plus Zoom Phone Pro with unlimited regional calling and Zoom’s all-new translation feature.
  • Zoom One Enterprise and Zoom One Enterprise Plus offer everything Zoom One Business offers with increased meeting capacity and additional features, such as Zoom Webinars, to help modern businesses grow. Zoom One Enterprise Plus also includes Zoom Phone Pro with unlimited regional calling.

Zoom One Basic, Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans are available today for $149 per year/user; $199 per year/user; and $250 per year/user respectively.

Translated and multilingual captions

Users of Zoom’s new Zoom One Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise Plus packages have access to bi-directional translated captions. Captions can be translated between Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian at launch.

Zoom has also expanded its automated captioning — the ability to caption what a speaker is saying in the same language as the spoken language — in real-time with 10 additional languages. Automated captions were previously supported in English, but can now be displayed in the same 10 languages ​​available for live translation.

Multilingual automated captioning is available in Business Plus, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans with additional support for other plans coming soon.

Zoom Apps Software Development Kit

Zoom also announced this week that the company has opened its Zoom Apps developer program to all developers via Zoom Apps SDK (software development kit).

Zoom Apps JavaScript software development kit (SDK) is designed to provide developers with the resources and support necessary infrastructure to build Zoom Apps within the Zoom platform. By using Zoom Apps SDK, developers can reach Zoom customers through the Zoom App marketplace, where users can simultaneously discover and add new apps, the company said.

Zoom says more than 100 apps have been published by developer partners on its app marketplace to date.

“With the launch of the Zoom Apps SDK, the Zoom Developer Platform continues to expand and provide developers with new ways to incorporate video communication and collaboration into their creations, transforming business workflows forever,” said Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson in a statement. .

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